St. Luke’s, Today and Tomorrow

We have been blessed with deep and sturdy roots at St. Luke’s and we have the promise of a brightly glowing and growing future.

Having arrived at the new millenium, we are re-engaging with our mission “…to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ…” (as spoken of in the Church’s mission statement). There is a greater evangelical zeal in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, with an accompanying sensitivity to the diverse social and cultural changes of our day — a challenging task, but one which yields many blessings, as well.

    • WORSHIP ORGANIZATIONS: Acolytes, Altar Guild, Calling Committee, Choir, Greeters, Lectors & Intercessors, Ushers
    • EDUCATION ORGANIZATIONS: Church School, Adult Education, Youth Group
    • SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS: Hospital Callers, Outreach, Prayer Chain, Women of St. Luke’s, Men of St. Luke’s.

In carrying out this mission, we focus on worship, education, and service. Our worship is a blend of traditional Anglican worship (in which you may experience chanting, incense, and bells) along with a contemporary flavor as we incorporate modern music and language styles. It is designed to give a sense of reverence associated with worship in the Episcopal tradition, while embracing an openness to current expressions of faith.

We emphasize education for all ages, as we see Christian formation as an on-going process from birth to death. And service is seen as a natural outgrowth of the Christian experience—those who are touched by the presence of Jesus Christ are drawn to offer His touch to others in His Name.

How We Operate at St. Luke’s

Someone once said, “I don’t believe in organized religion; that’s why I’m an Episcopalian.”
Well, there is some organization. If you can imagine a view from above looking at the structure of St. Luke’s, it would be an open-ended circle, welcoming the empowering of God’s Holy Spirit.

The Vestry is the elected governing board of the parish. They are responsible for prayer, planning, and policy. The Parish Council is made up of the heads of all parish organizations, focused in the areas of worship, education, and service. They carry out the ministries of the parish. The Staff is composed of persons both paid and volunteer, full- and part-time, who provide the linkage between the Vestry and Parish organizations.

The Vestry

There are nine Vestry members of St. Luke’s, elected to three-year, overlapping terms. They are assisted by our Senior and Junior Wardens, both elected to one-year (extendable) terms. We are also assisted by the Parish Treasurer and Clerk of the Vestry. A current list of Vestry persons may be obtained by mail, fax, or e-mail. Send your request and favored response type to:

The Parish Council

The Parish Council is composed of the heads of all parish organizations. It meets monthly to coordinate activities and to seek formation as disciples of Jesus Christ. A current list of Parish Council members may be obtained by mail, fax, or e-mail. Send your request and favored response type to: