Thank you for serving in this important ministry!  We help minister to the needs of the Body of Christ whenever we worship.  God bless you for your help!

First Sundays
7:45 am     Jim Robertson, Dee Shuster
10:15 am     Bill Padfield,  Grace Potter

Second Sundays
7:45 am     Susan Smith, Darryl Thomas
10:15 am     Bruce Wilcox, Carl Gable

Third Sundays
7:45 am     Jay Rossi, Karen Kidneigh
10:15 am     Bob Lowdermilk , Scott Sprague, Dave Chappell, Marilyn Chappell

Fourth Sundays
7:45 am     Barbara Reicherseder, Jim Robertson
10:15 am     John Martin, Lamar Talbert

Fifth Sundays
7:45 am     Jim Potter, Ginny Potter
10:15 am    Ruth Newell, Rick Newell

Substitutes:  Dee Shuster

NOTE FOR ALL USHERS:  If you cannot attend a particular service, it is your responsibility to find your substitute.  Don’t wait for “someone else” to take care of it!  REMEMBER THE FIFTH SUNDAY USHERS ARE AVAILABLE AS REPLACEMENTS IN THE EVENT THAT YOU ARE UNABLE TO SERVE.  Thank you!  If you know of anyone who might welcome this ministry, make your suggestions known to Lee Christy:, Usher Warden.


    • Overall coordination of usher activities prior to, during and after each service.
    • Fill out the attendance report completely, and leave it in the Sacristy after the service.
    • Each usher is responsible for his or her replacement, the Head Usher is also responsible for seeing that any last minute vacancies are filled.
    • Check to make sure offering plates are in place.
    • Determine who will space and who will take the offering and food baskets to the altar, prior to the service.
    • Work with all ushers in after-service duties:  clean up, replace hymnals, refill “Voice from the Pew” cards and pencils, close windows, turn out lights, lock the doors.