Welcome to St. Luke's web site!  We hope Lukeonline will give you the information and contacts you need to be an active part of our church community.  We are also now located on Facebook.  You are also welcome to use the Parish Email System by clicking on the link (bottom, left) and signing in.  You will receive weekly notifications of parish ministries and activities.

A special event -- The Parish Picnic on Saturday, August 15, at Montclair Park!

A special greeting to folks reading the Front Porch -- the Lowry/Stapleton/Park Hill/Montclair/East Montclair/Hilltop neighborhood newsletter!  If you have visited Lukeonline because of our ad in the Front Porch, I invite you to send me a special email:  doug@lukeonline.org .  I'd love to hear from you, and will be in touch with you as soon as I can!  Greetings!

St. Luke's: Meeting the Need!! is the newest page at Lukeonline.  It outlines some of the Spirit of the parish that might be of interest to you.
For new visitors...
Please visit our About Us link to learn about St. Luke's and our long and colorful history here in Denver.  Our calendar will also help you learn about all the activities at St. Luke's.  We are also handicap accessible through the ramp off the parking lot.

Children's Formation resumes on Balloon Sunday, September 13 with Godly Play for the littler ones.  Middle School and Senior High have a combo class, utilizing an intriguing combination of "Godly Play for Adults," with a fascinating discussion.  It's great to hear the kids express their excitement about being in class! Youth Group leader, Ben Edwards, hosts Youth Group beginning at the 9:00 hour on Sunday mornings.

We're glad you are here!

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